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Specifications: Equipment Thermostat, external temperature sensor, mounting screws Remote sensor type NTC3950 Remote sensor resistance 10 kOhm Source of power AC110-240V Permissible load  Network ZigBee Ad-hoc network bis_size="{" x":629,"y":117,"w":0,"h": 15" x":857,"y":91,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1058,"abs_y":905}"="" x":873,"y":91 ,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1074,"abs_y":905}"="" x":873,"y":117,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1074,"abs_y":931}"="" x":870,"y":117,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1071,"abs_y" :931}"="" x":896,"y":117,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1097,"abs_y":931}"=""> Role in the Zigbee network router Wireless Distance ≤ 100 m (in open area) Working temperature - 15 + 50 °C Operating Humidity
Ecosystem compatibilityHome Assistant (Z2M), Sprut HUB, ZIgbee2MQTT, Tuya Smart
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Pairing Mode Turn off the thermostat (using the power button). Press the M button, hold for 5 seconds. Press the "up" button without releasing Specifications: Source of power DC3V (2*AA) Network ZigBee Ad-hoc network Role in the...
Ecosystem compatibilityHome Assistant (Z2M), ZIgbee2MQTT, Tuya Smart
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