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Device typeMotion sensor Power type1 x CR2450 Ecosystem compatibilityHome Assistant (Z2M), Home Assistant (ZHA), Sprut HUB, ZIgbee2MQTT ZigbeeZigbee 1.2 BrandAqara РегионEU

A wireless motion sensor is the main element of smart lighting control. Turns on the light bulb when you enter the room. He will notice if the light is on in vain in an empty room. While you are not at home, the sensor will serve as a security system.

How it works

The motion sensor can be attached to any surface using the included adhesive sticker. Detection range - 7 meters, viewing angle - 170 degrees. The optimal place for sensors is on the cabinet or under the ceiling, from where they will have access to the most complete picture.

The disadvantage of this arrangement is that the sensor will also react to animals. To reduce the number of false alarms, you will have to sacrifice the field of view of the sensor and place it at human height. To ensure coverage of the entire room in this arrangement, you will need a pair of sensors: for example, in the kitchen, one sensor will monitor the passage, and the other will monitor the table.

Light control

The sensor can send a signal to JetHub when motion is detected, or vice versa if there has been no movement for a user-set time. In turn, JetHub will carry out the instructions: for example, turn off the lights when motion is detected.

Security system

When leaving home, you can turn on the alarm mode: then, instead of controlling the light, the sensors will send an alert to your phone - you will know when your child returns from school, or when someone comes into your room.

If you're away on vacation, the sensors can trigger a loud siren when motion is detected - this may be enough to make a thief change his mind about sneaking into your apartment.


Power supply DC5V (1*CR2450)
Communication protocol
Role in Zigbee network End device
Working temperature - 10 + 50 °C
Operating humidity
Maximum 95% RH
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 33 mm
Contents of delivery Motion and light sensor, swivel mount, user manual, installation sticker
Device type
Motion sensor
Power type
1 x CR2450
Ecosystem compatibility
  • Home Assistant (Z2M)
  • Home Assistant (ZHA)
  • Sprut HUB
  • ZIgbee2MQTT
Zigbee 1.2
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