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BrandAqara Device typeAir quality sensor Power type2 x CR2450 Ecosystem compatibilityHome Assistant (Z2M), Home Assistant (ZHA), Sprut HUB, ZIgbee2MQTT ZigbeeZigbee 3.0

The Aqara TVOC air quality monitor determines the concentration of volatile active substances in the room, and also measures temperature and humidity. Using these parameters, you can set up automatic control of ventilation, air conditioning and heating.

  • High accuracy: determination of volatile active substances with an accuracy of 0.01 mg/m3
  • Zigbee 3.0 protocol: high energy efficiency – Sensor lasts up to 1 year without battery replacement
  • Integrated E-Ink screen: Clear image that can be seen even in direct sunlight
  • Magnetic mount : The sensor can be conveniently attached to any metal surface


Source of power DC5V (2*CR2450)
Communication protocol 
Zigbee 3.0
Role in the Zigbee network end device
Working temperature - 10 + 15°C "" x":790,"y":169,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":991,"abs_y":983}"="" x":806,"y": 195,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1007,"abs_y":1009}"="" x":803,"y":195,"w":0,"h" : 15,"abs_x":1004,"abs_y":1009}"="" x":828,"y":195,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1029,"abs_y ":1009}"="">
Operating humidity
Max 95% RH
15 × 76.0 × 14 mm 1035}"="" x":820,"y":221,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1021,"abs_y":1035}"="" x":814, "y":221,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1015,"abs_y":1035}"="" x":835,"y":247,"w":0 ,"h": 15,"abs_x":1036,"abs_y":1061}"="" x":832,"y":247,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x": 1033,"abs_y":1061}"="" x":858,"y":247,"w":0,"h": 15,"abs_x":1059,"abs_y":1061}"=" ">
Scope of delivery  Air quality monitor, sticker, magnet, user manual
Device type
Air quality sensor
Power type
2 x CR2450
Ecosystem compatibility
  • Home Assistant (Z2M)
  • Home Assistant (ZHA)
  • Sprut HUB
  • ZIgbee2MQTT
Zigbee 3.0
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