Many of you are wondering how JetHome products are designed and assembled. Today we decided to share with you a clear example of how this happens. Below you will see some photos of the assembly process of the JetHome JetHub D1+ controllers.

At the beginning of the process, we carefully prepare all the necessary components to make sure that we can produce high quality products. We then begin assembly following the instructions and procedures we have developed over many years of experience.

We take pride in the fact that every JetHome product undergoes rigorous quality control throughout all stages of production to ensure it will perform flawlessly for years to come.

We hope that these photos will give you a better understanding of how we make our products and that we are working hard to make them the best.


JetHome is a Russian manufacturer of automation equipment

The company specializes in the development and the production of open Linux controllers, DIN rail controllers with microcontrollers (MCU), as well as Zigbee devices. We are pleased to share with you an interview from the WBCE 2024 conference and exhibition. In this interview we talk about the latest products and plans for the future. Watch the full...


We invite you to WBCE 2024

25 and On April 26, Moscow will host an exhibition and conference on home and industrial automation WBCE 2024, the industry partner of which is HI-TECH BUILDING 2024. Our stand will feature equipment produced by JetHome, as well as a stand demonstrating the operation of controllers JetHome in conjunction with Wirenboard devices. The highlight of the...


DIN rail controller JetHome JetHub E1 v3.0

The JetHome JetHub E1 DIN rail controller has undergone a hardware update in version v3.0. The update affected both the AC and the DC versions. The key difference in v3.0 is the use of a PCA9535 port expander chip instead of the previous PCF8575. This update improves the controller's port expansion capabilities. It is also worth paying...


Video review of the Three-channel battery-powered digital input module (Zigbee) - JetHome WS7!

#66] The best companion for smart lamps on Zigbee 3.0 – JetHome WS7 Video: Watch here Smart lamps cannot be de-energized - I speak this mantra from video within video. This is important because as soon as you turn off the power to a smart lamp, it immediately becomes stupid and cannot be turned on either by automation or by voice. Just power it...


New video review on Pavel's channel!

" Smart home controller on DIN rail with Zigbee, 1wire, RS485, dry contacts JetHome JetHub D1+ "! Video: Watch here In this video we looked at the JetHub D1+ smart home controller. Installed Home Assistant, Zigbee2mqtt. We worked with the built-in relay load. The condition of dry contacts was monitored. We connected the ds18b20 temperature...


ATTENTION! A new era of JetHome JetHub D1+ controllers is on the horizon!

We are pleased to announce the launch of sales of an updated version of our popular controller JetHome JetHub D1+ Main changes: - Galvanic isolation of RS485 ports and digital inputs: the system is now even more reliable and safe. We take into account your needs and try to implement them. - Zigbee module on the EFR32MG21 microcontroller. -...


Home Assistant Supervised

In test mode, we prepared Armbian firmware with pre-installed Home Assistant Supervised. Assemblies for firmware using Amlogic Burning Tools are posted daily at the address codenamed "Armbian with HA Supervised": What is included in the Home Assistant Supervised assembly: ✅ The current version of Home Assistant at the time of assembly. ✅...


Armbian 23.08

- Linux Kernel version 6.1.53. The new version of the Linux kernel provides even higher performance and system stability. - Updated JetHub device support packages. We are always working to improve support for JetHub devices to make your experience as comfortable as possible. - Added links to RS485 ports. You can now easily access RS485 ports at...


Addon jethub-mqtt-io JetHub D1/ D1+ version 0.3

Great news for JetHub D1/D1+ users. Home Assistant addon has been updated to version 0.3 . - Added support for Linux Kernel 6.2 and higher. You can now enjoy all the benefits of the latest Linux kernels on JetHub D1/D1+. - Fixed publication of the peripheral state when the device starts. We have resolved this issue and devices will now more reliably...


Invitation to Sprut.Party 2023!

Dear friends! We are pleased to invite you to the event - "Sprut.Party 2023", where we will take an active part! An event in the field of smart home, where you can see live these “strange people” who are passionate about this still incomprehensible thing called “Smart Home”. This is a community of friends who are united by a common interest,...

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