JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1

The first batch of JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1-AC network switches went to their happy owners, who pre-ordered the device in advance.

As a reminder, JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1-AC is a DIN rail network switch equipped with:
- 4 x Passive PoE OUT (10/100 Mbps).
- PoE IN (10/100 Mbps).
- Main power: AC IN 100-240V.
- Backup power: battery 12V.

We also have a version of the JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1-DC switch in our assortment, which also went to its owners.
- The voltage of the external PSU must be between 12-56V.
- The supply voltage to the PoE as well as to the "DC" terminal will be equal to the voltage supplied to the "DC" terminals.
- The total power available for consumers, will correspond to the power of the external DC power supply.

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