JetHub D1 - Addon for Home Assistant for relay and input forwarding

Still in the EDGE stage (something might break)


* In the version of 10/07/2021, the names of entities in the mqtt-io config have been corrected. This affects the unique-id. As a consequence, there will be a duplication of old and new entities. To fix the problem:

* Stop aadon
* Stop mqtt server
* Restart HA
* Delete all JetHub entities in the "entity" section.
* Start mqtt server
* Run addon

Or you can just delete topics and restart addon:

* homeassistant/binary_sensor/jethub-mqtt-io
* homeassistant/switch/jethub-mqtt-io

Testing, from the repository (see screenshot of how to update the repository): /jethome-en/... 

Actual version at the moment: 129450b (see screenshot how to check version)