JetHub D1/H1 is now in the mainstream Linux kernel

Friends, we have great news! Support for our controllers will be included in the next version of the Linux kernel 5.16.

For controllers, this will be a simplified support with the refinement of operating systems, since all the necessary changes are in two main projects (kernel and uboot).
Support has entered the development branches and is planned for release as part of the next versions.

So, about the changes.
Patches for u-boot are included in uboot-next:

- kernel support since v5.16;
- uboot support since v2022.01;
- kernel and uboot hardware support by device tree files;
- for uboot the behavior is implemented: when you press the user button at the time of reboot (3-5 seconds after the reset), the system will try to boot first from microsd for h1 and from usb0 for d1;
- implemented reading flashed parameters usid, mac, serial from efuse for H1.

Uboot changes are published in this commit.
Everything related to changing the kernel can be found here: commit 1, comm it 2.