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Friends, we have great news - the first batch of H1-1Gb-32Gb-2652 is ready for shipment! You can order an updated controller in our JetHome store .ru

I remind you that JetHome JetHub H1-1Gb-32Gb-2652 is still the same smart home controller, but now with increased memory (32 GB eMMC).

  • Flash: 32 GB eMMC
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Zigbee: CC2652P1

Information from the CROS 2022 conference from sunny Sochi!

Stand assembled  and tested. Everything works as intended. We are waiting for you to visit! At the conference, you will be able to communicate with our representatives, ask questions and get acquainted with the latest JetHome.


And here is our booth!

The process of assembling and debugging the shield for the KROS conference  is nearing completion and we cannot but make a little insider information for our guests. On booth showcases both favourite JetHome devices and fresh new products that were recently announced in our telegram channel . Smart home JetHome JetHub D1+ 2Gb DDR4, 32Gb eMMC ....



Friends, we want to remind (and for many to announce): we, the company JetHome equipment manufacturer , will take part in CROS Annual Conference . The conference will be held in Sochi, Adler, Radisson Collection Hotel on May 18-21. We will be glad to see you at our booth.


Devices from Aqara are now available for order in the JetHome store!

. Now in our store you can purchase not only controllers JetHome D1  or JetHome H1 , but also related devices for smart smart home from Aqara


Aqara products are now in the JetHome store

A few days ago, we did a survey  to find out which devices you want to see in the JetHome store. In the near future, shop will be replenished with products from Aqara. We remind you that Aqara is a sub-brand of Xiaomi in the field of smart home devices. In their assortment there are a lot of high-quality and exclusive devices. For example,...


New motherboard with the ability to install 7 modules

Compatible with D1 (Linux) and E1 (ESP32) processor modules Planned modules: Relay 2A Digital in 0-10v in 0-10v out 4-20mA in AC voltmeter DC voltmeter Zigbee Zwave RS485 CAN EBUS Opentherm … and many more.


The first processor module JetHome® JetHub D1+ (revision 2.0) has been successfully tested!

The board is completely designed from scratch by our engineers using Amlogic A113X processor and DDR4 RAM. Production and assembly on our own SMT line in Russia. Main differences from cpu JetHub D1 (1.x) : The processor is now located at the bottom, which will allow you to install a heatsink on it. DDR4 RAM 2GB. eMMC 32GB. The console is...


JetHome JetHub D1 2Gb DDR4, 32Gb eMMC

Great news for most of you! We have started production of JetHome JetHub D1 2Gb DDR4, 32Gb eMMC (Din Rail) test units. Now you can observe the production of processor modules for D1 2Gb/32Gb. This is the first pilot batch of samples completely produced in the Russian Federation. Subscribe to our channel with fresh current news , promotions and...


JetHome JetHub D1-1Gb-32Gb-2652

You asked - we did! We present you an updated version of the DIN rail automation controller with increased internal memory - JetHome JetHub D1-1Gb-32Gb- 2652 . Specifications: • RAM: 1Gb • eMMC: 32Gb • Zigbee module: CC2652P1 • Bluetooth 5.0


Our telegram resources:

• JetHome® News  ( ) News channel, which contains all the news and important messages of the company. Subscribe so you don't miss anything • JetHome®  ( ) Main telegram chat. Designed to support and communicate with users  • JetHome® talks  ( ) 3rd party solutions with JetHome...

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