Many of you are wondering how JetHome products are designed and assembled. Today we decided to share with you a clear example of how this happens. Below you will see some photos of the assembly process of the JetHome JetHub D1+ controllers.

At the beginning of the process, we carefully prepare all the necessary components to make sure that we can produce high quality products. We then begin assembly following the instructions and procedures we have developed over many years of experience.

We take pride in the fact that every JetHome product undergoes rigorous quality control throughout all stages of production to ensure it will perform flawlessly for years to come.

We hope that these photos will give you a better understanding of how we make our products and that we are working hard to make them the best.


JetHome JetHub D1+ on, smart home through the eyes of a motorist

On the portal published an article from yura2507 : " Smart home from JetHome, JetHub D1+ is the best example for us! Smart home controller ". Follow the link, subscribe to the author, in his arsenal there are many articles, and not only on automotive topics. For example, in one of the recent threads, he showed his automation shield, which...


Home Assistant Supervised can now be installed on JetHub with a single command!

For your For your convenience, we have compiled a Home Assistant supervised installation script for Debian GNU/Linux 11. Full installation information is available on our website at documentation and will be updated as needed. PS Please note: when ordering new controllers, you can specify the operating system. If you plan to install Home...


JetHome JetHub H1 2/32

The top version of the JetHome JetHub H1 controller with 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC is available for order, in stock in Russia. You can place an order right now We also remind you that the popular DIN rail version of the JetHome JetHub D1+ controller is available with 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC. Shipping in the Russian Federation from 2 days.


JetHome E1: an elegant handsome man on ESP32

JetHome E1: an elegant handsome man on ESP32 Overview article on, author: Alex Brain A review article from Alex Brain has appeared on the portal. He has more than 50 materials on Habré on his account. The article contains a detailed description from an independent expert in the field of this class of controllers. The author...


Search in the Wiki section

The Documentation section of now has a search feature. Go to the Wiki section and type your desired query in the search bar. The search in this case will work separately from the entire site and will search for key phrases only in this section.


JetHome JetHub E1 DIN Rail Controller

The range of JetHome devices has been replenished: JetHome E1 has appeared on sale. The microcontroller is a complete device based on ESP32 with pre-installed ESPHome firmware. If you wish, you can re-upload the firmware yourself: for this purpose, there is a microUSB console port on the front panel of the controller. Characteristics: ✅...


JetHome at Hi-Tech Building 2022

Dear friends! We would like to invite you to visit the international exhibition Hi-Tech Building. There you can see innovations in the field of building automation, smart homes from various manufacturers and developers, smart cities and much more in the field of smart technologies. The exhibition will be held from October 13 to October 16,...


Pyxis is now available on JetHome JetHub D1

Dear friends, we have great news! The development team has licensed their product for free for the core protocols of the JetHome JetHub D1 controller (for non-commercial use). Protocols included in the free license: ZigBee GPIO 1-wire Google Assistant Amazon Alexa HomeKit Yandex Alice Marusya In addition,...


Share your experience and earn bonuses for your next JetHome® order!

Friends, there was an idea to launch a new section on the site called " Experienced Tips ", which will collect useful information about JetHome® products directly from users. The impetus for this was post in telegram chat  from user @yura2507 . There are no design requirements. Users who complete their manuals (articles, user experience)...


JetHome JetHub D1+

As promised, by September 1 we will start selling an improved version of the JetHome ® JetHub D1 Introducing the long-awaited controller JetHome ® JetHub D1 + Main differences from processor module JetHub D1 (1.x): ✅ The processor is located below, this increases the cooling efficiency, and if necessary, you can install...

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