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Friends, we have great news - the first batch of H1-1Gb-32Gb-2652 is ready for shipment! You can order an updated controller in our JetHome store .ru

I remind you that JetHome JetHub H1-1Gb-32Gb-2652 is still the same smart home controller, but now with increased memory (32 GB eMMC).

  • Flash: 32 GB eMMC
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Zigbee: CC2652P1

JetHome JetHome JetHub H1 video review - updating the firmware of the Zigbee module from Alex Kvazis

JetHome JetHub H1 - we update the firmware of the Zigbee module with the preservation of NVRAM, without rebinding devices. The video tutorial shows step by step how to update the built-in zigbee module of the JetHome JetHub H1 smart home controller, saving and then restoring the contents of NVRAM. Such an update does not lead to the destruction of...


Happy New Year!

The JetHome team wishes you a Happy New Year 2022! We are grateful to each of you for your support and interest in our products. In turn, we promise that the New Year 2022 will be even more eventful and interesting. May prosperity, successful projects, achieving goals, solving problems, confidence and stability await you next year. Happy holidays...


JetHome WS7 Battery-Powered JetHome -Channel Digital Input Module (Zigbee)

JetHome WS7 (Zigbee) three-channel battery-powered digital input module The device is designed to connect up to 3 sensors with "dry contact" outputs, for example, switches, leakage sensors, reed switches, etc. JetHome WS7 allows you to turn an ordinary wall switch with up to 3 keys into a "smart" Zigbee protocol. Key features: -...


Video review of the JetHome JetHub D1 controller on the Electronics in the lens channel

On the channel Electronics in the lens , a video review of the controller JetHome JetHub D1 . In terms of circuitry, the review turned out to be quite interesting and useful. The author also arranged a crash test for the controller, which JetHub D1 successfully coped with. Timecodes: 00:00 Intro 01:05  Inspection 04:19 Controller...


New Zigbee stick on EFR32MG21 from JetHome

We have developed the first batch of USB sticks based on the EFR32MG21 chip from Silicon Labs. The sticks were designed for Home Assistant, in particular for Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA), but can work with other systems. Support in Zigbe2MQTT is currently in Beta status. Please note that the EFR32MG21 has a high performance and has a larger amount of...


JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1

The first batch of JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1-AC network switches went to their happy owners, who pre-ordered the device in advance. As a reminder, JetHome Ethernet Switch ES1-AC  is a DIN rail network switch equipped with: - 4 x Passive PoE OUT (10/100 Mbps). - PoE IN (10/100 Mbps). - Main power: AC IN 100-240V. - Backup power: battery 12V. We...


JetHome Flower Sensor

JetHome Flower Sensor is an updated version of JetHome's EFR32MG22 Soil Moisture Sensor An updated version of the Soil Moisture Sensor is coming soon. The advantage of this version is the new Zigbee chip EFR32MG22, now from Silicon Labs. Let's forget the previous version as a battery shredder. The device has become more compact, it will hardly be...


Installing BARY: SMARTHOME on the JetHome JetHub D1 smart home gateway

BARY: SMARTHOME software developers  ported their software to JetHome JetHub D1 controllers D1. This is what they write on their blog: "Hello friends! BARY now supports the very cool JetHome JetHub D1 smart home gateway, we want to talk about its capabilities." All the details are available in the documentation:


Installing IntraHouse on JetHub Controllers

The guys from IntraHouse  ported their software to the JetHome JetHub D1 and JetHub H1. This is what they write: "We wrote a plug-in for interacting with I / O, 1-wire and ZigBee. It works great, we really liked the work done." Also on the IntraHouse blog you will find an article on installing the system on our controller .


JetHome JetHub H1 review by Alex Kvazis

JetHome JetHub H1 controller smart home, Supervised Home Assistant installation, zigbee2mqtt setup The video is dedicated to the JetHome JetHub H1 smart home controller - an all-in-one device, essentially a ready-made server with an integrated Zigbee module, on which you can deploy a full-fledged smart home control system. Step by step...

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