Many of you are wondering how JetHome products are designed and assembled. Today we decided to share with you a clear example of how this happens. Below you will see some photos of the assembly process of the JetHome JetHub D1+ controllers.

At the beginning of the process, we carefully prepare all the necessary components to make sure that we can produce high quality products. We then begin assembly following the instructions and procedures we have developed over many years of experience.

We take pride in the fact that every JetHome product undergoes rigorous quality control throughout all stages of production to ensure it will perform flawlessly for years to come.

We hope that these photos will give you a better understanding of how we make our products and that we are working hard to make them the best.



In our telegram chat almost every day the same questions pop up: "How to set up?", "How to connect?", "What are the characteristics of your controllers?" etc. We have aggregated all this information in our documentation, which is available at Before you ask a question, do not be too lazy to look at the answer in the wiki. Perhaps...


Sending JetHub H1 1Gb/16Gb controllers

We have great news! The first batch of JetHome JetHub H1 with increased 1Gb/16Gb memory and updated Zigbee CC2652 module, designed pre-order - ready. Today we ship orders to Moscow and Stavropol.


New batch of sticks

Friends, we are glad to announce that the previous batch of sticks was sold out (even faster than we expected) and we have opened the sale of a new batch! Now the sticks are produced in an updated SZOMK factory case in three colors. Hurry while supplies are still available! You can buy the stick in online store . For our subscribers get a 20%...


Wiki page design

Friends, we have great news! We have updated the design of the Wiki page, making it even more informative and user-friendly. So, the information from the Wiki is now more pleasant and easier to perceive. The speed of work has been increased and a version for mobile devices has been added. We hope you enjoy the changes!


Contest results! 500 members per chat

A few days ago in the telegram chat we held a contest . The conditions were simple, the 500th chat participant will receive a JetHome D1 controller from our production. The random winner was @EvgeniyChupin. Today the winner has already received his prize! Let's congratulate him together again!