The first processor module JetHome® JetHub D1+ (revision 2.0) has been successfully tested!

The board is completely designed from scratch by our engineers using Amlogic A113X processor and DDR4 RAM.

Production and assembly on our own SMT line in Russia.

Main differences from< /b> cpu JetHub D1 (1.x):

  • The processor is now located at the bottom, which will allow you to install a heatsink on it.
  • DDR4 RAM 2GB.
  • eMMC 32GB.
  • The console is brought to MicroUSB on the front panel.
  • MicroUSB on the front panel for flashing via the Burning tool.
  • LEDs replaced with SMD.
  • Added microSD slot (currently software limitation - working or SD card , or WiFI).
  • Replaced Wi-Fi + BT module (AML W155S1 or RTL8822CS is possible in production).