Pyxis is now available on JetHome JetHub D1

Dear friends, we have great news! The development team has licensed their product for free for the core protocols of the JetHome JetHub D1 controller (for non-commercial use).

Protocols included in the free license:

  • ZigBee
  • GPIO
  • 1-wire
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • HomeKit
  • Yandex Alice
  • Marusya
  • In addition, HomeAssistant is integrated into the installation Product Features

The product is aimed at simple integration with protocols, the main task is to save you from writing configs, yaml, json...

Basic settings are made with the mouse in the web interface.

The code is written in Golang, which means that resource consumption is minimal, unlike the same python or nodejs.


As you may have guessed, installation of the software is designed for normal users and is done through a script, the necessary software is automatically installed, and then kept up to date.

We've tested the software on a JetHub D1 model with 1GB Ram and 8GB emmc, the load with 20 accessories is light and there's a good headroom (with Home Assistant preinstalled).

Container Home Assistant

Home Assistant is integrated so that Pyxis connects and can control HASS devices. Thus, all devices can be combined on a single platform - for example, Zigbee from Pyxis will work with any Samsung TV connected via HASS. And through the rules engine, you can use the Zigbee button to control, for example, a TV.

Paid add-ons

There are also paid protocols, but for more professional installations (KNX, Loxone, Smart bus, etc.). Moreover, they can be tested for free (up to 5 devices), or you can buy a license for a month, and, if necessary, renew by subscription.

Control from your phone

To control from model devices, your smartphone store has the Pyxis Cloud app of the same name (available for iOS, Android, web), but in most cases, Apple HomeKit or Yandex Alice will be enough for you.

By the way, the mobile app supports syncing HomeKit accessories across rooms! Just press "Sync" and the accessories will be distributed among the rooms as intended in the Pyxis settings.

JetHome does not provide technical support for software developed by third parties if you have any questions - write to telegram chat Pyxis cloud .