Video review of the Three-channel battery-powered digital input module (Zigbee) - JetHome WS7!

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#66] The best companion for smart lamps on Zigbee 3.0 – JetHome WS7

Video: Watch here

Smart lamps cannot be de-energized - I speak this mantra from video within video. This is important because as soon as you turn off the power to a smart lamp, it immediately becomes stupid and cannot be turned on either by automation or by voice. Just power it up again, wait until the lamp grows back into the hub where it is connected...

The hero of today's video solves this problem in the right way. Here's why:
1. Connects to stupid switches - choose any design.
2. Compact to fit in shallow socket boxes - convenient if you have already completed renovations.
3. Powered by a battery - no need to worry about tricky cable routing, it’s easy to make pass-through switches in any quantity.
4. The Zigbee 3.0 protocol, apparently a standard implementation, because it easily flew into UDYA.

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