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JetHome JetHub H1 smart home controller, Supervised Home Assistant installation, zigbee2mqtt setup

The video is dedicated to the JetHome JetHub H1 smart home controller - an all-in-one device, essentially a ready-made server with an integrated Zigbee module, on which you can deploy a full-fledged smart home control system.
Step-by-step instructions for installing Armbian Focal - Ubuntu, Supervised Home Assistant, initial settings, installation and configuration of zigbee2mqtt.

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JetHome JetHub H1 - updating the firmware of the Zigbee module with saving NVRAM, without rebinding devices

The video tutorial shows step by step how to update the built-in zigbee module of the JetHome JetHub H1 smart home controller, with saving and then restoring the contents of NVRAM. Such an update does not destroy the zigbee network and re-pair all devices, everything continues to work normally.

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< h3> JetHome JetHub D1. Smart Home Controller b>Watch video

< h3>JetStick Z2 stick - USB Zigbee coordinator on CC2652P, review,
firmware update, zigbee2mqtt 

Review of JetStick Z2 USB Zigbee coordinator, based on CC2652P module - design, comparison with Sonoff stick , firmware update, testing in zigbee2mqtt.

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Power Options JetHome JetHub D1

Sometimes you wonder - how to power this wonderful device or make a UPS for it in case of a power outage? Everything is pretty simple here. Mikrotik devices often support PeE out on the last port of their switch, respectively, we plug JetHome JetHub D1 there, and forcibly activate PE in the microtik interface. Or passive po switches/injectors....

Results of experiments with ZigBee module firmware on D1 (CC2652P1)

Friends, good day to all! Perhaps it will be useful for someone... For a long time I experimented with various firmware of the ZigBee module on D1 (CC2652P1). In an effort to have only the latest firmware, I ran into a problem. I flashed the module both through armbian and through the JTAG programmer (it was possible to flash it correctly only through...