Results of experiments with ZigBee module firmware on D1 (CC2652P1)

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Perhaps it will be useful for someone...

For a long time I experimented with various firmware of the ZigBee module on D1 (CC2652P1). In an effort to have only the latest firmware, I ran into a problem. I flashed the module both through armbian and through the JTAG programmer (it was possible to flash it correctly only through the cable, various rakes happened using the software method, although the firmware went through correctly, but that’s not the point). The only latest firmware that works correctly is the one listed on the manufacturer's website - CC1352P2_CC2652P_launchpad_coordinator_20210218.

Newer firmwares work, hook devices, after removing and re-adding, some firmwares do not hook devices, and most importantly, "External converters" do not work on firmware other than 20210218.

An example from life, I flash the MS1PA2 module, I put an external converter from it, and on the latest firmware of the zigby module the device is not detected, at least 5 times delete and add, it didn’t work out to add it correctly at all, it’s not detected, hangs as not supported.

Without changing anything, I simply request the ZigBee module with the recommended firmware - everything is immediately determined, and the addition is much faster than with other firmware. Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

Author: @yura2507