Power Options JetHome JetHub D1

Sometimes you wonder - how to power this wonderful device or make a UPS for it in case of a power outage? Everything is pretty simple here.

  • Mikrotik devices often support PeE out on the last port of their switch, respectively, we plug JetHome JetHub D1 there, and forcibly activate PE in the microtik interface. Or passive po switches/injectors.

  • Various ac-dc power supplies, including DIN rail.

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  • 12v battery assemblies can be connected directly in parallel to the device power supply via BMS 12v (3s) boards.
  • There are 2 ways to implement the UPS function. The manufacturer gave us everything for this:

    1. Purchase 2 li-ion 18650 3.2Ah batteries

    2. We purchase the UPS module for the above batteries. 

    3. Packed in a din rail case. For easy placement in the shield. 

    4. We start 5v from the power supply through a step-down converter, you can use a separate power supply.

    5. When the external power is turned off, the oops will work, but the controller will live at the same time).

    Results of JetHub D1 controller consumption measurements

    Author: Dmitriy Batin (@demosspro)