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Software for sticks and modules based on the Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 chip

Note: Third party firmware may not be compatible or supported by JetHome devices. Therefore, JetHome devices are not guaranteed to work with third-party firmware. Use only the firmware recommended below.

To work on the Zigbee protocol for JetStick Z4 sticks and modules, it is recommended to use the following firmware:


Zigbee coordinator firmware . Based on Silicon Labs EZSP Coordinator v8 software. To flash through the UART bootloader, use the file named z4-ncp-uart-sw-*.gbl

This firmware adds support for two LEDs to indicate stick operation modes: the green LED blinks when new Zigbee devices are connected; the red LED blinks when data is received.

UART parameters:

  • The speed of operation is 57600 or 115200 Bit / s (indicated in the name of the firmware file). If no rate is specified, then 115200 bps is used;
  • Firmware files with "sw" in the file name use XON/XOFF software flow control.