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Using Zigbee JetHome Devices with Zigbee2MQTT

Erase NVMEM(NVRAM) with Zigbee2MQTT

  1. Stopping Zigbee2MQTT
  2. In the directory with Zigbee2MQTT installed, run:
 node scripts/zStackEraseAllNvMem.js /dev/ttyUSBxxxx # Replace with your USB port, usually /dev/ttyUSB0 for a stick or /dev/ttyAML2 for controllers

Migrating Between Different 2538/2652 Zigbee2MQTT Adapters

  1. Restart Zigbee2MQTT
  2. We are waiting for 5 minutes for the whole network to work.
  3. Stopping Zigbee2MQTT
  4. We insert a fresh stick ( required with a reset NVMEM)
  5. We start Zigbee2MQTT, wait a few minutes, look at the logs (usually recovery can take up to 5 minutes, depending on the number of devices).
  6. 99% of devices should work