JetHome JetHub controllers are used to build home systems automation and monitoring: interrogation of sensors, use as devices for collecting and transmitting data, performing PLC functions in systems "smart home".

  • JetHub H1 —  controller designed to solve automation and monitoring tasks: interrogation of sensors, data collection and transmission, PLC functions in smart at home". JetHome JetHub H1 quad-core processor will allow it to be used as a central controller in systems "smart home" together with various Wi-Fi wireless sensors and ZigBee from other manufacturers. The body of the controller is made in a concise modern design that will fit into any interior.
  • JetHub D1 —the controller is intended for for building automation and monitoring systems: survey sensors, use as a device for collecting and transmitting data, performance of PLC functions in "smart home" systems, direct load management. JetHome JetHub D1 can be used in as a central controller in a "smart home" in conjunction with wireless (Wi-Fi, ZigBee) and wired (RS-485) devices of other manufacturers. The design in a DIN rail housing allows convenient place the controller in the electrical panel at home.

Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switch JetHome ES1, designed for use in home automation systems and serves to integrate into a local a network of devices (controllers) with an Ethernet interface and supporting the power function using Passive PoE technology. DIN-rail housing for easy placement of the switch in the electrical panel next to the other controllers.

Modules and USB sticks

Other devices

  • JetHome WS7 - Triple Channel Disk ModuleZigbee inputs  - the device allows you to turn an ordinary wall switch with the number of keys from 1 to 3 in a "smart" switch that works according to Zigbee protocol. The compact size of the device allows you to place it in the mounting box together with the switch, and low current consumption will allow not to service such a switch (change the battery) for several years.

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