How to use Amlogic Burning Tool

Burning Tool is a program for flashing devices based on Amlogic processors. Used for low-level firmware, using the bootloader built into the processor. The program is installed using the installer, like other software under Windows OS. Administrator rights are required for installation. During installation, the program also installs the required driver.

You can download the program at: tools/

Appearance of the main program window:

Device connection

In order to flash, the device must be connected with a USB Type A to USB Type A cable to a PC. The controller is also powered during the firmware via this USB cable and it is not necessary to connect the main power source. Some devices have more than one USB port. See the instructions for your device to find out through which USB port the device is connected for firmware.

Turning on and booting the device

In order to flash, the device must be booted in bootloader mode (update mode). This can be done in several ways:

  • Normally, a device has a boot mode toggle button. The button can be accessed through a hole in the housing. When turning on the device or rebooting it, you must hold this button down for 1-2 seconds from the moment you connect the USB cable (power).
  • For other ways to switch to bootloader mode, see the instructions for your device.

After the device is successfully connected to the PC and identified in the Burning Tool program, the message “Connect success” will be displayed in the main program window.

Selecting a firmware image

Open the menu “File” → “Import image” and select the image for the firmware on the disk. The image will be checked, this may take a long time.

If no errors are found during the scan, the program will not display any messages at the end of the scan.

Firmware image

To start flashing the image, click the "Start" button in the upper right corner of the main program window. The flashing process will begin.

If errors occur during the flashing of the image, then it is necessary to disable the checkboxes “Erase flash” and “Erase bootloader” before starting the flashing process.

If any error occurs, the process is interrupted and messages describing the error will be displayed at the bottom of the program window.

After the firmware process is completed, a message will be displayed: "Burning successfull".

After that, you can click on the "Stop" button, prohibiting the automatic start of the firmware procedure when the device is connected to the PC again.