Repacking the JetHome Armbian Image

  1. Install required packages (requires admin rights):
    sudo apt install wget
  2. Download aml_image_v2_packer utility file to current directory:
    wget -nc
  3. Make the file executable:
    chmod +x ./aml_image_v2_packer
  4. Create a directory to unpack the image out and a directory to mount rootfs-partition mount:
    mkdir -pv out mount
  5. Unpack image to directory out:< br>./aml_image_v2_packer -d Armbian_20.08_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.16_j80.img out
  6. Mount rootfs partition to  mount ( need admin rights):
    sudo mount -v -o loop,rw out/data.PARTITION mount/
  7. Make changes to rootfs (need admin rights tor):
    example 1:
    echo test_parameter=777 | sudo tee mount /etc/test.conf
    example 2:
    touch test_file
    sudo cp -v test_file mount /usr/lib/firmware/
  8. Unmount the rootfs partition (requires admin rights):
    sudo umount mount/
  9. Pack the directory out< /code> with modified rootfs partition to new image:
    ./aml_image_v2_packer -r out/image.cfg out Armbian_20.08_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.16_j80_REPACKED.img
  10. < li>Delete directories out and mount:
    rm -rf out mount

For J100 use file Armbian_20.08_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.16_j100.img