Gathering debug data in Armbian with sosreport

To analyze various failures, freezes or simply incorrect behavior of the controller, a detailed archive of system logs and configuration files is needed.

A convenient tool for collecting such an archive is the sosreport package.

To use it:

* install the sosreport and sysstat packages in advance:

 sudo apt-get install sosreport sysstat

* Activate sysstat:

- edit the /etc/defaults/sysstat file so that it contains the line ENABLED=«true» :

 sudo nano /etc/defaults/sysstat

- Start the service with commands:

 sudo systemctl enable sysstat
sudo systemctl start sysstat

* after a failure, as soon as possible, we collect the archive:

 sudo sosreport -a

We transfer the collected archive for analysis, for example, through the technical support forum .