JetHome Zigbee module ZB4C v. 1 (EFR32MG21)

The module is designed to work as a Zigbee coordinator or end device as part of a Smart Home controller with the appropriate software installed and configured.

The module is based on a modern wireless microcontroller for band 2, 4GHz Silicon Labs EFR32MG21A020F1024IM32 and features high performance, high transmitter output power and compact size.

Main specifications:

  • 80MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor;
  • Flash memory 1024KB;
  • SRAM 96KB;
  • Transmitter output power up to + 20 dBm;
  • Power supply voltage 3.3V;
  • < li>Current consumption in active mode is not more than 200 mA.
  • The overall dimensions of the module: 28 x 18 mm.

The module is based on the circuitry of the Silabs EFR32xG21 (BRD4180B) debug board based on EFR32MG21 chip:

Assignment of module pins

The module is made in the format of a unified JetHome wireless module 28 x 18 mm in size with contacts located along the perimeter of the module. Module top view:

Module pin assignment:

< /thead>
Module outputDestinationMicrocontroller output
1SWCLKPA01 (18)
2SWDIOPA02 (19)
3SWOPA03 (20)
4PA00PA00 (17)
5< /td>PD02PD02 (30)
6PD03PD03 ( 29)
7PD04PD04 (28)
8PC04PC04 (5)
10Not connected
11 Not connected
12Not connected
16PA6/RXPA06 (23)
17PA5/TX PA05 (22)
18PA4/CTSPA04 (21)
19PC1/RTSPC01 (2)
20PB0/BOOTPB00 (16)

Supported firmware

See the documentation for information on supported firmware: Software for sticks and modules based on the Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 chip

When using the firmware from the Z4 USB stick:

  • It is possible to switch to the bootloader mode when the logic level at the PB00 input is low.
  • Possible connection of LEDs to indicate the operating mode: PD02 (red LED) and PD03 (green LED). A high logic level on these pins lights up the corresponding LED.
  • UART TX line is connected to PA05, UART RX - PA06. Hardware RTS/CTS flow control is not used.

Module flashing procedure

For instructions on flashing the module, see the documentation: Instructions for flashing EFR32MG21 microcontrollers