Armbian is a computing build environment that allows users to create ready-to-use images with running kernels in a variety of user space configurations for single board computers (including JetHome® controllers). Typically this is Debian or Ubuntu.

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BARY: SMARTHOME is an ecosystem designed to simplify routine processes as much as possible when interacting with a variety of smart home IoT devices.

The application easily operates a huge fleet of completely different devices - smart or not yet very smart, and allows you to create scenarios for a smart home. The application also provides the ability to configure family access by setting roles and rights for each user.

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Installing BARY: SMARTHOME on the smart home gateway JetHome JetHub D1


IntraHouse is a software platform for Smart Home systems that allows you to combine all the devices and equipment of your home for their coordinated and economical functioning.

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Telegram chat: @intraHouse


Russia, Cheboksary, Kalinina st., 66

+7 8352 240378

11 Installing IntraHouse on JetHub controllers


Mr.BUTLER is a home automation system based on the German OpenHab system, which allows you to combine all devices with different protocols into a single network, abstracting the user from each specific protocol. Thus, you can use a single control tool (say, an application on a smartphone or tablet) and implement arbitrarily complex logic of interaction between devices.

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Tyumen st. Alexey Sergienko, 9

+7 3452 610296

Controllers with pre-installed JetHub Mr.BUTLER edition software


Sprut.hub is a complete and ready-made solution for managing a smart home “out of the box”, accessible to people with minimal technical skills.
All devices connected to Sprut.hub are automatically added to Apple HomeKit, Yandex Smart Home and Mail.Ru Smart Home.

Sprut.hub can work without the Internet, is not tied to end device manufacturers, is integrated into all voice assistants, and can be controlled through smart speakers, as well as through an application on a smartphone/tablet and a computer web interface. Supports various protocols: ZigBee, Z-Wave, modbus, MQTT.

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Telegram channel: @SprutHub

Telegram chat: @SprutAI_SprutHub


TouchOn is a system for comprehensive automation of utility networks.

TouchOn software is included in the Russian software register. A wired system that is built on the basis of an Ethernet Controller and a Smart Home Server.
System configuration occurs through the administration panel and does not require programming knowledge.
All devices connected to the system are automatically added to the Yandex Smart Home.

Official website:

Telegram channel: @touchonru


Phone: +7 906 0512759 , +7 495 2780959

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Ave., 36, built. 30, room. 38, room 2

Compatible Opensource systems with JetHome controllers

as well as other systems using the open architecture of Linux controllers.