DIN rail Ethernet switch with passive POE out. 10/100 Mbps, 5 ports - JetHome ES1

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BrandJetHome Device typeEthernet switch Case typeDIN-rail Power typeDC 9v~56v (terminal connector) Ethernet5 x Ethernet 10/100 POE inPassive PoE POE outPassive POE 4 ports 30 watt total

5-port Ethernet switch 10/100 Mbps with the ability to power up to 4 passive PoE devices.

The switch is mounted on a DIN rail and provides power to connected to it of JetHome devices and devices from other manufacturers that support passive PoE technology with supply voltage from 12V to 56V

The switch can be powered by an Ethernet cable using passive PoE technology through the "Ethernet 1" port.


  • Power supply AC 100..240V, built-in PSU 24V 30W, with the possibility connection of an external lead battery 12V with a capacity of 1.2Ah.
  • Power supply DC 12..56V without the possibility of connecting an external battery.


AC Version Features

  • Built-in PSU 24V, 30W
  • When powered from the mains 100-240V AC, the supply voltage "PoE out" on the ports "Ethernet 2" - "Ethernet 5", as well as 24V on the "DC out" terminal.
  • When powered from the "PoE in" input, the supply voltage "PoE out" on the ports "Ethernet 2" - "Ethernet 5" and the "DC out" terminal is equal to the input voltage "PoE in".
  • Switching to battery power in the absence of AC power. Supply voltage at "PoE out", as well as to the "DC out" terminal, will be supplied directly from Battery (12V).
  • Indication of the presence of supply voltage - two-color LED: green - power present, red - overload (exceeded maximum current loads).
  • Low battery indication - red LED.
  • Two "dry contact" relay outputs for monitoring the presence of supply voltage and low battery.
  • The maximum total current supplied to external consumers must not exceed 2.5A.
  • Built-in PSU always takes precedence over POE.

DC Version Features

  • Powered by an external stabilized DC power supply with output voltage 12-56V.
  • The supply voltage at the "PoE out" outputs is equal to the supply voltage of the external BP.
  • The maximum total current supplied to external consumers must not exceed 2.5A.

Dimensions and weight

  • Case dimensions: 130x75x57 mm.
  • Ability to mount the housing on a DIN rail


  • Only devices that support powered using passive PoE technology.
  • Do not connect computers, laptops to ports "Ethernet 2" - "Ethernet 5" and other household devices to avoid damage.
Device type
Ethernet switch
Case type
Power type
DC 9v~56v (terminal connector)
5 x Ethernet 10/100
POE in
Passive PoE
POE out
Passive POE 4 ports 30 watt total
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